Andy Sheats

Chief Technology Officer

Andy Sheats is CTO of Open Universities Australia. He joined OUA in December 2016 with overall responsibility for our students—including marketing, sales, student advisory, and overall student success. He became CTO in late 2021.

Andy has a long background in digital business, and is focused on leveraging this to develop OUA’s software development maturity and improve the overall experience of our students and partners.

Andy was the founder and CEO of, which was awarded Telstra Business Award for best new Australian business in 2014. Prior to that, Andy was the Group GM of Development & Strategy at (REA Group) for 7 years, with responsibility for mergers & acquisition, strategic investments & partnerships, growth, product management and other functional roles.

Andy is an acknowledged leader in using Agile and Lean approaches to build teams and capability through periods of change and growth. He is an expert in digital strategy, start-ups and the consumer Internet. Andy regularly lectures on mergers & acquisitions at the Melbourne Business School.

Andy earned a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from California Polytechnic University at Pomona, and an MBA from the Melbourne Business School. He was a management consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. He has been recognised as the Australian Growth Company CEO of the Year.

Andy Sheats, Chief Technology Officer.