Catherine Reynolds

Chief Customer Officer

As Open Universities Australia’s Chief Customer Officer, Catherine Reynolds is responsible for driving outcomes and experiences for all customers, spanning a remit that focuses on both student and university partner experience.

Catherine leads a passionate group of high-performing brand, marketing, sales and content experience professionals who are deeply connected to Open Universities Australia’s belief that quality education has the power to transform the lives of people, their families and their communities. It’s a belief that Catherine lives, breathes and incites in her teams each and every day.

Through dedicated leadership, Catherine drives the organisation to seek out unique and compelling ways to connect the Open Universities Australia brand with lifelong learners and university partners across Australia. Spanning brand strategy, marketing, partnership growth and customer experience, Catherine and her teams are dedicated to the achievement of results through the delivery of experiences that meet the needs of our customers.

Using her passion for understanding customers and solving their needs, Catherine’s role is responsible for both the strategic and operational management of all aspects of customer acquisition and retention. This encompasses driving customer engagement on both sides of the marketplace, across students and university partners. It is her focus to cement Open Universities Australia’s number one spot for brand recognition as a destination for online higher education in Australia.

With over 20 years of experience spanning integrated marketing strategy, brand and product development and customer acquisition, Catherine has led teams across a diverse range of sectors spanning SaS, Consumer Products and Digital Marketplace. The thread that remains consistent for Catherine is her genuine connection to the brands and customers she represents.

Since joining Open Universities Australia, Catherine has played an integral role within the senior leadership team, shepherding the organisation through its digital transformation, facilitating opportunities to drive greater participation from university partners, and subsequently, driving increased diversity of choice and access to education for lifelong learners. Catherine holds a BA (Hons) from University of Lincoln and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Southern Cross University.

Catherine Reynolds, Chief Customer Officer.