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When you were in high school you might have noticed some lucky kids had a private tutor to help with their homework. Through OUA you get something similar—except that your tutor is available online, 24/7 during study terms.

We provide free access to Smarthinking. This service gives you online access to qualified tutors with plenty of experience in your study area.

Your tutor can give advice on completing assignments, or help you work through complex topics. You can even have them read over your essays and suggest improvements before you submit them.

Smarthinking is:

  • Accessible—you can take advantage of it 24/7 during study terms.
  • Free—if you’re enrolled through us (except for IELTS), you’ll receive 4 hours of free tuition at no cost each study term.
  • Effective—students who use Smarthinking are on average twice as likely to pass and twice as likely to achieve distinction or high distinction results as those who don't use the service.
  • Invaluable—over 85% of the students who used Smarthinking pass their course. 

What students are saying about Smarthinking

In addition to your pertinent comments, I really appreciated your kindness, which was very supportive especially to someone as hesitant in writing as I am.” —Pamela R.

I have not written an essay in over 30 years. Smarthinking addressed the issues, giving me guidelines on the correct layouts, and the correct way to reference sources. Thank you. —Warren M.

It’s fabulous to know there is ‘someone’ to check over each piece before submission. Even more so with such a small window of time, and being on the other side of the world, to have the review completed, that in itself is fantastic!! —Sheri B.

Smarthinking access

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