Conductor (Transport)

Transport Conductors are more commonly referred to as ticket salespersons. They are the people in charge of selling tickets to travelers as well as making reservations for them. They provide these services for transport vehicles going to a variety of places. Transportation conductors are also able to provide travelers with information such as the best route to get to a particular area or help them to reschedule a trip.

Duties and tasks

  • Accept payments in cash and credit
  • Answer questions about schedules, routes and fares
  • Cancel and confirm reservations with travelers
  • Check seating availability
  • Collect tickets
  • Ensure passengers safety
  • Help passengers board and stow baggage
  • Issue tickets and collect fares
  • Make transportation reservations

Skills required

  • Ability to maintain composure when passengers get upset
  • Ability to work calculators and computers
  • Accurate math skills
  • Friendly attitude
  • Good communication skills

Working conditions

The working conditions involved with a position as Transport Conductor are quite good as they generally work in climate controlled facilities. Unfortunately, they must deal with passengers who can be upset about delays, the price of fares or even because they need to wait in line for tickets.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Union
Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Innovation & Business Skills Australia (IBSA)
Public Transport Authority (WA)
Service Industries Training Advisory Council (SITAC)

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