Travel Attendant

Travel Attendants oversee the safety and comfort of passengers in the travel industry. As an active liaison between passenger and operator, a travel attendant provides services to ensure transportation safety and conveniences throughout the airline, train, and cruise industries.

Duties and tasks

  • Announce and demonstrate safety precautions and emergency procedures
  • Answer questions pertaining to travel, services, weather and schedules
  • Assist passengers entering or exiting the craft
  • Assist passengers with placement of carry-on luggage
  • Ensure adequate supplies of food, beverages, blankets, and emergency equipment are available for passengers

Skills required

  • Communicate effectively with passengers and staff
  • Convey information to and from passengers and staff
  • Demonstrate and execute safety procedures
  • Lift luggage and place it in overhead compartments
  • Monitor and assess passengers and social situations
  • Serve passengers in a moving craft

Working conditions

Travel Attendants work in the transportation industry. Many hours are spent preparing cabins for transport. Attendants must be available for varying schedules as schedules differ dependent upon weather, delays and destination. Travel attendants can be found in airports, train stations and cruise ports.

Professional associations / Industry information

Flight Attendants Association of Australia
Flight Attendants Association of Australia (Domestic)

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