Tour Guide

Tour Guides are an important aspect of the tourism and travel industry. These guides add to the tourism industry by providing interesting information to tourists and travelers in museums and galleries as well as other attractions throughout the world.

Duties and tasks

  • Advise concerning arrangements and itinerary
  • Arrange scheduling and information
  • Assist individual or group with attraction destination plans
  • Assist with scheduling stops and boarding during excursions
  • Provide information regarding attractions

Skills required

  • Desire to research information to better inform customers
  • Knowledge of and ability to demonstrate safety skills
  • Practical and organizational skills
  • Research skills to obtain information to relay to tourists
  • Social Skills with groups and individuals

Working conditions

Tour Guides may work within museums and galleries or outside areas that include national parks, zoos and other attractions that draw tourists and interested travelers. Indoor tour guides generally work during normal business hours while outside tour guides would tend to work later dependent upon weather and daylight hours.

Professional associations / Industry information

Professional Tour Guide Association of Australia
Tourism Training Australia

Related jobs and job titles

  • Customer Service Manager
  • Education Officer
  • Museum Attendant
  • Regional Guide
  • Sales Representative
  • Tourist Information Officer
  • Travel Consultant