Porters may work in a variety of places, including hotels, airports, train stations, car dealerships, etc. They must have good physical abilities and interpersonal skills as they often carry luggage for passengers/hotel guests. Some porters also do cleaning and maintenance work in various types of buildings.

Duties and tasks

  • Act as the designated Skycap when employed by an airline terminal
  • Carry luggage for bus, airline, or railroad passengers by handtruck or hand on trains or buses, to baggage or waiting rooms, or to private automobiles or taxicabs
  • Do various maintenance/cleaning work as necessary
  • May clean windows and counters, dust furniture, wash walls, and clean terminal floors
  • Perform related services, including directing persons to rest rooms, ticket windows, etc., assisting handicapped passengers, and calling taxis for passengers in need

Skills required

  • A friendly personality to interact with guests/visitors
  • Excellent social perceptiveness to be aware of visitors/guests needs and address them
  • Good physical condition to carry luggage, packages, etc.
  • Good time management skills to address all tasks required
  • No formal education/training is required

Working conditions

Porters often perform heavy cleaning duties and carry luggage, so they are often under physical stress. They may work indoors or outdoors. Evenings, nights, shift work, and weekends may often be required. Some porters work part-time, while others work full-time.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Hotels Association
Service Skills Australia
Tourism Training Australia

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