Gaming Worker

Gaming Workers are employed in gambling establishments such as casinos, large hotels, and racetracks. The work requires labourers to be physically fit and able to lift, bend, and crouch repetitively in varying weather conditions. They must have a strong attention to detail and an ability to multi-task in a fast-paced working environment. Fencers travel to various locations, fencing areas around residences, roadways, commercial properties, and farms.

Duties and tasks

  • Ensure that equipment is working properly; routinely inspect cards and dice
  • Exchange money for playing chips
  • Monitor, observe, and report customers behaving suspiciously
  • Observe and resolve disputes with customers
  • Report safety hazards and enforce rules
  • Serve and interact with customers by explaining game rules, paying winning bets, collecting losing bets, and operating tables

Skills required

  • Customer service
  • Knowledge of Gaming
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong hand-eye coordination and manual agility
  • Time management

Working conditions

Gaming Workers generally work indoors and may be exposed to tobacco smoke, depending on regulations. Because workers must continually stand, this job is physically demanding. Workers must wear hearing protection when standing near or operating money counting machines. They work nights, weekends, and holidays as most gambling establishments are open 24 hours.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australasian Casino Association
Australasian Gaming Council
Australian Hotels Association

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