Crowd Controller

Crowd Controllers are more commonly known as Security Officers or Security Guards. They ensure the safety of individual people, celebrities and others who have concerns about their security in certain situations. Occasionally, Crowd Controllers provide limited investigative services for people, businesses or corporations who are concerned about a security breech or theft of property.

Duties and tasks

  • Check security passes for individuals entering property
  • Ensure and deliver receipts and other valuable items
  • Investigate and report evidence to clients for court case preparations
  • Maintain the order on properties or in large groups
  • Monitor security systems and be ready to alert authorities
  • Offer advice on better security services for clients
  • Offer directions to authorized guests
  • Patrol properties and ensure that all points of entry are secure
  • Watch for safety hazards

Skills required

  • Ability to detain individuals when necessary
  • Ability to maintain decorum in stressful and problematic situations
  • Ability to stand, sit and walk for long shifts
  • Good communication skills
  • Helpful and friendly persona
  • Intense attention to detail
  • Strong and authoritative voice

Working conditions

Crowd Controllers are usually needed 24 hours daily so a variety of shifts should be options. They might work inside of office buildings or walk the beat outside of an area. Crowd Controllers must be able to endure a variety of climate issues as well as stressful and sometimes dangerous situations.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Federal Police
Australian Security Industry Association Limited
Security Providers Association of Australia Limited

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