Croupiers are responsible for overseeing gambling activities at a casino. They are commonly referred to as dealers, even if a game does not include cards. They are also responsible for overseeing proper and legal conduct during the game. Croupiers are in charge of handling all wagers and the distribution of any payouts. They usually work in casinos and other legally authorized gambling arenas, however croupiers might also be privately employed for charity "casino nights" that are licensed by local authorities.

Duties and tasks

  • Calculating each players wins and distributing proper payouts
  • Closing out the table at the end of the shift and reconcile balances
  • Ensuring legal and proper conduct at the table
  • Ensuring that players place bets in accordance to the rules
  • Ensuring the integrity of the playing cards
  • Handling accurate chip transactions and cash drops
  • Informing players of game rules and table etiquette to avoid any problems
  • Mediating any disputes at the tables
  • Monitoring that all limit signs are in place and not tampered with or removed
  • Upholding the casinos rules and policies

Skills required

  • A watchful eye to monitor the activities at the table and surrounding area
  • Ability to interact with people in any situation
  • Exceptional math skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Logical thinking and reasoning skills

Working conditions

Croupiers oftentimes work in comfortable, heated and air conditioned casinos and other licensed gaming establishments. As many casinos are open 24 hours, they may need to work nights or rotating shifts as necessary, as well as on holidays. Casinos usually serve alcohol and allow their guests to smoke cigarettes so croupiers must be able to work in these situations.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australasian Casino Association
Australasian Gaming Council
Australian Hotels Association

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