Watchmakers work with metal parts to design and build watches, clocks, and other timepieces. Part of a larger industry group called precision metal trades workers, watchmakers also work in timepiece maintenance and repair.

Duties and tasks

  • Collecting and assembling parts for timepieces
  • Consulting and repairing broken timepieces
  • Drawing up designs and plans for timepieces
  • Manipulating small hand tools to build timepieces
  • Performing maintenance on timepieces as needed

Skills required

  • Artistic imagination
  • Eye for and attention to detail
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Repair and troubleshooting capabilities
  • Spatial awareness

Working conditions

Watchmakers often work in small, locally-owned stores and workshops. They may also work in larger plants or factories or chain department or jewellery stores. Some watchmakers also work out of their homes or private offices on a freelance basis.

Professional associations / Industry information

Watch & Clockmakers Australia Inc

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