Vehicle Painter

Vehicle Painters are responsible for all the stages of the vehicle painting process. They are required to strip vehicles of existing paint and prepare the vehicles for the next coat. They must then mix colours and apply paint and any required top coats.

Duties and tasks

  • Applying primer, paint, and top coats to vehicles
  • Buffering or removing rough spots from paint-free vehicle sections
  • Finishing the newly-painted vehicle by applying wax, polish, and other products
  • Removing old paint from vehicles if necessary
  • Removing painters tape once the paint has dried
  • Sanding and otherwise preparing vehicle surfaces for paint
  • Using painters tape to protect surfaces that must not be painted

Skills required

  • Active listening skills
  • Eye for design if required to paint artwork or perform other highly-skilled jobs
  • Eye for detail
  • Mechanical ability
  • Organisation and time management

Working conditions

Vehicle Painters typically work in facilities devoted to the care of automobiles. These may be small shops or larger plants or factories. They also may work in speciality vehicle painting stores or on a freelance and personal basis.

Professional associations / Industry information

Motor Trades Association of Australia
Service Skills Australia

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