Panelbeaters restore automobile bodies back to their original condition after having been in a crash or being otherwise damaged. These individuals work on everyday vehicles such as cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans, but specialized panel beaters may specialise in repairing aircraft, motorcycles, and more. Other panel beaters may specialise in body customisation.

Duties and tasks

  • Access damage of vehicles and prepare an estimate before completing work
  • Repair or replace vehicle parts damaged in a collision
  • Use various metalworking techniques such as welding
  • Utilise a variety to tools to complete repair/restoration
  • Work to repair a variety of different types of vehicles back to their factory state

Skills required

  • Ability to read wire drawings and schematics
  • Expertise in working with a wide range of power and hand tools is a necessity
  • Knowledge of parts and mechanical systems is preferred
  • Knowledge of various techniques such as filling and refinishing surfaces, bending metal, parts replacement, and automobile painting
  • No formal education is required, but experience in auto body restoration and repair is extremely helpful (as a trade apprentice or otherwise)

Working conditions

The working environment may be loud and messy. Panel Beaters may be employed at car dealerships, workshops for auto repair, or at service stations. These individuals usually work around 38 hours a week Monday to Friday, though weekends are required for some positions.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Motor Industry Federation
Motor Trade Association of Western Australia
Motor Traders Association of NSW
Motor Trades Association ACT
Motor Trades Association of Queensland

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