Factory Worker Plastics and Rubber

Factory workers in the plastics and rubber industry manufacture items using machinery. They work with raw materials and equipment to produce rubber and plastic items; the work is repetitive and requires good concentration skills to ensure product quality and worker safety.

Duties and tasks

  • Inspecting products for quality
  • Maintaining and cleaning equipment and facilities
  • Measuring and adding materials to machines
  • Monitoring operations and making adjustments, when necessary
  • Preparing and packaging finished products

Skills required

  • Ability to follow Safety Standards
  • Concentration
  • Fit and Able to Perform Physical and Repetitive Tasks
  • Monitoring Operations and Machinery
  • Strong Attention to Detail
  • Understanding of Health and Safety Regulations

Working conditions

Factory Workers in the plastics and rubber industry work indoors in a workshop or factory setting. The various tasks workers must perform require them to use tools, equipment, and machinery in a safe and efficient manner. Because of constant exposure to raw materials and large machinery, risk of injury and illness in this career is higher; workers must wear protective clothing. Temperatures in the factory may be warm from the production process. They may work shifts and nights in a general Monday through Friday work week.

Professional associations / Industry information

Manufacturing Skills Australia

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