Electronics Trades Worker

Electronics Trades Workers work with electronics in a hands-on fashion. They maintain and repair electronics like television sets, audio-visual equipment, and other domestic and commercial electronics products. They also frequently work with radio systems.

Duties and tasks

  • Installing electronics equipment and systems
  • Repairing and adjusting electronics equipment as needed
  • Sending and receiving radio messages and monitoring radio networks
  • Testing electronics equipment to determine where issues and faults lie
  • Troubleshooting as needed to determine the faults and strengths of electronics systems
  • Working with the owners and ushers of electronics machinery to offer advice to avoid problems in the future

Skills required

  • Ability to break down often complex technical information into a language more easily digested by the general public
  • Ability to listen carefully to determine where errors or faults may lie
  • Excellent spatial visualisation techniques
  • Mechanical competence and know-how
  • Oral communication skills

Working conditions

Because of the nature of this type of work, the workplace of Electronics Trades Workers can vary based on each days particular job. However, electronics trades workers will sometimes find permanent positions as handypersons in offices, agencies, or apartment buildings.

Professional associations / Industry information

Department of Fair Trading (NSW)
National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA)

Related jobs and job titles

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