Telecommunications Technical Specialist

Problem solve to update and maintain communications devices and networks.

Duties and tasks

  • Create billing or bids as needed for new or completed jobs
  • Create, install, and repair systems associated with just computers such as hardware, software, and networks
  • Install, maintain, and repair telecommunication devices such as satellite, radio, and computer based systems
  • Keep track of current inventory levels and order new parts as needed
  • Offer technical and verbal support for clients and perspective clients when problems arise

Skills required

  • Ability to create and reroute networks as needed
  • Ability to create, maintain, and repair telecommunication devices including computers
  • Ability to talk with service providers and suppliers to gain competitive prices for supplies
  • Communication skills to discuss issues, costs, and pricing with vendors, clients, and potential clients
  • Computer skills beyond the basics and which include installation of hardware, software, and removal of problem programs

Working conditions

Telecommunications Technical Specialists work in all situations to maintain or create telecommunication systems. This may mean indoor or outdoor work depending on the job at hand. Hours are usually set, but may vary slightly in an emergency to include nights, weekends, or holidays.

Professional associations

Engineers Australia
The National Professional Engineers Register (NPER)

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