Jewellers create and repair rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other types of jewellery. They form and polish gemstones and work with precious metals to create pieces of jewellery for individualised or commercial orders.

Duties and tasks

  • Assemble jewellery parts to form complete piece, securing stones into settings and ensuring that all pieces are secured and polished.
  • Assess the value of individual stones and jewellery items, using standardised measurements and grading scales.
  • Cut, shape, smooth and clean a variety of precious and semi-precious stones as well as lab-created stones to create specifications for rings and other jewellery designs.
  • Interpret specifications and materials needed for jewellery designs and orders.
  • Mould different types of metal into desired jewellery specifications using a variety of specialised tools without damaging metal; engrave designs or specialised messages onto metal.
  • Repair old or damaged jewellery by replacing certain pieces, bonding broken areas or reassembling item into new settings or design.
  • Strong knowledge of stone and metal compositions in order to cut, shape and polish materials while not damaging them.

Skills required

  • Attention to Fine Details
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Strong Eye Sight and Manual Agility
  • Time Management

Working conditions

Jewellers typically work Mondays to Fridays, however they may work evenings or weekends to allow more time for customers. They typically work in small labs or workshops with a variety of hand and power tools as well as materials. They need to work with microscopes and work with small details on jewellery pieces.

Professional associations / Industry information

The Creative Industry Skills Council
The Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA)
The Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA)

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