Writer Journalist and Other

Journalists and other writers primarily work in the nonfiction realm. They do not create stories; instead, they report on news that has happened or write in-depth articles about current cultural, social, or political trends. They also edit their pieces for quality and coherence.

Duties and tasks

  • At times, researching to find appropriate news outlets to which to submit their stories
  • Editing and polishing finished articles
  • Following up on tips for stories
  • Interviewing witnesses or other relevant individuals
  • Working with editors and other writers as needed
  • Writing articles and other pieces to meet strict deadlines

Skills required

  • Ability to keep calm under pressure
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • High intelligence
  • Superb writing skills
  • Time management and organisation

Working conditions

Journalists and other writers may work as part of a team at a newspaper, magazine, or similar news outlet. They may also freelance on their own terms and shop stories around to various publications.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Writers Guild 

Journalism Education Association of Australia 

Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance 

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