Singers are professionals in the music industry that perform songs. Additionally, singers may also write their own songs. These individuals often use musical instruments, and serve as music producers and consultants.

Duties and tasks

  • Potentially writing their own musical compositions
  • Rehearsing musical compositions for future performances
  • Selecting musical compositions for performances
  • Singing musical compositions
  • Work with clients to compose music for use in commercials
  • Working to interpret existing musical compositions
  • Working with other musicians, music producers and entertainment industry professionals

Skills required

  • Ability to write effectively to appropriate audiences
  • Excellent singing voice
  • Public speaking/singing skills
  • Vibrant and energetic personality
  • Viewing text and comprehending sentences and paragraphs

Working conditions

Singers can work in a very wide array of circumstances, locations and venues, including everything from nightclubs and bars to recording studios, concert halls and even stadiums and similar venues. Usually singers will perform the majority of the work indoors and in front of a live audience or rehearsing with other musicians or their band. When in the recording studio, singers may need to spend many hours to achieve a desired and optimal sound. The profession is competitive and long hours of practice are required.

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