Wool Handler

Wool Handlers, part of the larger livestock farm workers industry, work in wool production. They perform simple or routine tasks to assist wool growers and may at times be required to handle livestock.

Duties and tasks

  • Cleaning up after livestock to maintain a healthy living environment
  • Feeding and watering livestock
  • Herding sheep with the assistance of wool growers, dogs, and other wool handlers
  • Inspecting livestock and reporting on their condition
  • Packaging wool for transport
  • Shearing sheep or lambs for wool

Skills required

  • Active listening skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Keen judgment and decision-making skills
  • Use of logic, reasoning, and critical thinking
  • Working knowledge of animal science

Working conditions

Wool Handlers typically work in places where sheep are grown. As such, they are often found on farms or ranches.

Professional associations / Industry information

Cattle Council of Australia
NSW Farmers
Rural Skills Australia
Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association
WA Farmers

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