Park Ranger

Park Rangers work to serve and protect a variety of types of reserves and parks as part of a sometimes large team to preserve the overall state of reserves, parks, waterways, and visitor facilities. Sometimes, park rangers also respond in emergency response situations and assist in park planning when required.

Duties and tasks

  • Abide by park guidelines and provide a high standard of service to park visitors
  • Assists in emergency situations such as wildlife rescue, search and rescue of humans, wildfire suppression, prescribed burning
  • Completing administrative tasks inside an office, working with modern technologies
  • Educate park visitors about respecting land/wildlife and upholding park values and regulations
  • Senior park rangers supervise contractors, volunteers, and part-time and full-time staff members

 Skills required

  • An enjoyment for all types of working conditions
  • An interest in conservation and land management, love of wildlife
  • Excellent communication/ people skills
  • Must be familiar with computers and other modern technologies, as one must complete administrative duties in an office in addition to outside patrolling
  • Often, no formal training is required, but for some positions (like those at Park Victoria), you'll need a college degree in natural resource management, environmental
  • science, or park management.

Working conditions

Park Rangers work outdoors in a variety of different weather conditions. Leave times during peak summer months is restricted, as visitors are plentiful and fire fighting is often required. Working weekends and public holidays is required.

Professional associations / Industry information

Department of Environment and Resource Management (QLD)
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (SA)
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania
Parks Victoria

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