Parking Inspector

Parking Inspectors patrol areas assigned to him/her and issues parking notices/tickets to the owners of vehicles that are illegally parked due to exceeded parking times (meters, garages) or restricted parking zones. They may also discover stolen/abandoned vehicles and report them to authorities and make note of faulty or damaged signs, roadside equipment, etc. and report these as well.

Duties and tasks

  • Document damaged roadside equipment, road signs, etc.
  • May need to drive between patrol areas
  • Report stolen/abandoned vehicles to the authorities
  • Use a mobile phone/two-way radio to keep in touch with other area parking inspectors
  • Work with hand-held computers to record vehicle parking infringements and print notices

Skills required

  • Ability to politely hand aggressive or hostile situations with the public
  • Ability to walk/stand for long periods of time
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Honest, reliable, and ethical
  • No formal education is required, on-the-job training is provided
  • The ability to stay calm and collected in stressful situations

Working conditions

Parking Inspectors often work in large cities/towns. They work outdoors in many different weather conditions and often patrol their designated area by walking. Parking inspectors may work varied hours, but they are typically during business hours from Monday to Friday, though work on weekends and public holidays may be required. Some parking inspectors work shifts that must be covered 24/7, and often parking inspectors must deal with aggression and hostility from people who have been ticketed.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Federal Police
The Police Federation of Australia (PFA)

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