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Postgraduate | TAS-EMT504-2023

Human Development and Learning

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14 weeks

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  • 20 Feb 2023

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About this subject

What you'll learn

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:

  1. Explain theoretical/practical knowledge of human development and learning theories using critical analysis of scholarly literature through scoping, developing and executing effective strategies for practice and research.
  2. Solve multifaceted problems by synthesising complex information from established theories of development and learning. Reflect on how various contexts and processes (e.g., home, school) influence individual learning, incorporating Multiple perspectives and tailoring for own context in professional practice.
  3. Analyse, interpret, transmit knowledge and support a range of developmental stages and needs in learning environments and apply in the context of own professional practice.
  4. Communicate, manage and share (oral and/or written) specialised knowledge and complex ideas and issues in educational settings through contextually appropriate presentation clearly and effectively, using APA style (6th edition).
    • Refer to Mylo for study topics
  • This subject will give you a detailed insight into human development and learning within an education paradigm wherein we will specifically explore the following core ideas: Human psychology exists within chronological age (e.g. critical points and/or stages/transitions), and Human development is a process of recognising/articulating and quantifying change/growth (social, emotional, physical and cognitive) across lifespan, and Human development is an interplay between idiosyncrasies, bio-behavioural aspects, environmental forces and socio-cultural influences, and Human development can be best understood (from infancy to adulthood) within an educational context through a topical approach, and Appreciating and understanding learning theories across lifespan.

    • Test or quiz (30%)
    • Portfolio (10%)
    • Final exam (60%)
  • For textbook details check your university's handbook, website or learning management system (LMS).

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