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At the completion of this subject students will have:

Legal Discipline Knowledge

  1. knowledge and understanding of the fundamental doctrines and principles which underpin takeovers law
  2. knowledge of the sources of takeovers law, and how it is made and developed, and of the institutions that administer that law
  3. the ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a wide range of legal concepts, values, principles and rules of takeovers law and to explain the relationship between them in a number of particular areas
  4. an understanding of the takeovers framework within which commercial lawyers operate.

Legal Research

  1. identify and find legal sources and materials relevant to takeovers law
  2. extract the essential points from those legal sources and materials
  3. apply the law to the facts of a problem so as to produce satisfactory answers to the questions posed
  4. communicate the reasons for those answers, both orally and in writing, making use of the company law sources and materials, appropriately to the needs of a variety of audiences.

Professional Practice

  1. use the English language and legal terminology with care and accuracy
  2. interview and advise clients appropriately
  3. conduct and participate in negotiations
  4. understand and apply ethical standards to the practice of insolvency law
  5. exercise judgment in presenting advice and solutions to clients and other relevant parties
  6. demonstrate strategic reasoning when advising relevant parties, including clients and employers.
    • Introduction to takeovers
    • Takeover bids
    • The Takeovers Panel & ASIC
    • Schemes of arrangement
    • Directors' duties
  • Study resources

    • Online materials

      • Audio-Video streaming

You are recommended to have completed the following subjects(s) or have equivalent knowledge before starting this subject:

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject examines the statutory regime for mergers between and acquisitions of publicly listed companies in Australia. Specific areas of study include the regime set out in the Corporations Act, the processes by which a merger or acquisition can occur; the requirements for a valid takeover bid, methods for defending a hostile takeover bid, schemes of arrangement, the role of the Takeovers Panel and ASIC and the duties owed by directors of companies involved in a takeover.

  • Assessments (50%)
  • Open Book Invigilated Exam (50%)

Textbook information is pending.

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