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Postgraduate | MUR-EDU616-2023

Teaching, Learning and Working in Culturally Diverse Environments

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100% online

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  • 27 Feb 2023

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About this subject

What you'll learn

On successful completion of the subject students should be able to:

  1. communicate conceptual understanding of the nature and significance of culture, social identity/ies and group categorisation in multicultural environments, as well as a range of culture-related processes affecting communication and social interactions in culturally diverse environments 
  2. critique critical issues related to cultural diversity in education, at work and the community at large
  3. identify and analyse educational activities or workplace initiatives, which promote the positive aspects of cultural diversity - and develop original initiatives
  4. critically analyse the underlying principles and claimed value of global citizenship, cosmopolitan learning and a shared sense of 'we'
    • Culture, identity and cultural diversity
    • About culture, acculturation and intercultural interactions , learning and teaching in Australia
    • About social identity, teacher identity and the negotiation of multiple identities
    • Impact of social categorisation processes on intercultural communication and interactions
    • Cosmopolitan learning and a shared sense of 'we'
  • This unit examines challenges and potential of cultural diversity in teaching and learning from school to university, including international, transnational education, study of languages, vocational and professional workplace learning. A multidisciplinary approach is adopted with concepts drawn from social, cross-cultural and cultural psychology; sociology; cultural studies; intercultural relations and communication; and intercultural learning. Participants gain solid, research-based understanding of key culture-related concepts and ideas, and will be well prepared to promote productive cultural diversity and positive intercultural transformation.

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  • Assignment 1: Experiential Essay and video presentation (40%) Assignment 2: Critical analysis of an existing initiative or design of a new initiative or program related to diversity issues (40%) Reflective Journal (20%).

    • Experiential Presentation (40%)
    • Critical Analysis (40%)
    • Reflective Journal (20%)
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Entry requirements

Part of a degree

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  • MUR-HCM-MAS-2023 - Master of Health Care Management

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  • MUR-EDU616U (Not currently available)


Enrolment in a graduate-level qualification or permission of the Unit Coordinator.

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