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On successful completion of the subject you should be able to:

  1. discuss the origins of reflective practice, describe models and frameworks for critical reflection, and practise reflective writing skills
  2. analyse and describe the relationship between reflective practice and emotional intelligence, ethics and values, professionalism, and professional development
  3. evaluate the application of reflective practice to communication and supervision in the context of healthcare leadership and management
  4. analyse and explain the role of reflective practice in lifelong learning and healthcare research
  5. apply reflective practice, leadership and management theory, and current research to practice, and critically reflect upon performance to improve skills
  6. further develop academic and professional communication and writing skills.
    • Origins of Reflective Practice & Models for Critical Reflection;
    • Reflective Writing;
    • Ethics and Values in Reflective Practice;
    • Reflective Practice and Emotional Intelligence;
    • Reflective Leaders and Managers;
    • Reflective Leadership and Management;
    • Professionalism and Professional Development;
    • Supervising the Reflective Practitioner and Mentoring;
    • Reflective Practice as an Organisation;
    • Research and Life Long Learning.
  • Study resources

    • Instructional methods

      • Discussion forum/Discussion Board
      • Podcasting/Lecture capture
      • Online assignment submission
    • Online materials

      • Online Assessment

You must have successfully completed the following subject(s) before starting this subject:

MUR-SHP511-Leadership in Health Care

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject focuses on reflective practice as an essential component of effective leadership and management. It  explores the importance of self-awareness, and the interpersonal processes associated with effective communication, influence and persuasion. Frameworks for critical reflection are examined in the context of professionalism, supervision, lifelong learning, and research in the health care setting.  Students will have the opportunity to examine how their beliefs, perceptions, experiences and backgrounds influence their ability to lead and manage.

ONLINE DISCUSSION FORUM: Throughout the semester students are expected to actively contribute to the discussion topic that will be posted on the discussion board (3 x Discussion Boards). The unit coordinator will moderate the discussion. The rationale for your engagement in these on-line discussions is to make use of the rich and varied industry experience that each of you have, applied to the information gained in these modules. Your learning will benefit from each other's thoughts, experiences, insights and opinions. The intent of these on-line discussions is for you to have the opportunity to consider the responses to the discussion topics that other students have contributed in a critical and reflective manner rather than simply passing over the modules quickly without allowing time for some deeper learning to occur. (30%) REFLECTIVE JOURNAL: Four Reflective Journal Entries (600 words each). (30%) REFLECTIVE DEVELOPMENT REVIEW: This assessment once completed can be used by students in their personal professional portfolios. In this unit, individually, students will conduct a personal leadership development review. Working with the workplace mentor, students will review their performance and produce a plan for development in their leadership journey. Students will need to source a suitable senior manager within their workplace to act as a mentor, this must be approved by the unit coordinator. This 3000 word report will need to address the following areas and demonstrate significant analysis of performance against the literature and the implications of this: 1. Personal evaluation of performance 2. Personal performance against the instrument scores 3. Performance compared to your observer scores 4. Leadership development plan 5. Review of mentor relationship 6. Reflective learning throughout the journey Students are expected to use references and contemporary literature to support their assertions in the report. Students will need to meet with the unit coordinator (in person or via Skype) during the latter half of the semester to discuss their progress in their development journey. The report should be written in an academic style and APA 6th edition referencing where required. As this assessment is centred on personal growth and reflection, writing in the first person is acceptable. Students are encouraged to use tables, graphs and other diagrammatic representations within their work to support their claims and will be required to submit a copy of their Leadership Development Review as an appendix to the report. (40%)

  • Online Discussion Forum (30%)
  • Reflective Journal (30%)
  • Reflective Development Review (40%)

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