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On successful completion of the subject you should be able to:

  1. discuss the importance of health research in the expansion of knowledge in health care contexts
  2. describe the importance of the evidence-based practice (EBP) movement in relation to the current and future practice of health professionals
  3. discuss different research paradigms and their applicability in health research
  4. review and critique a range of peer reviewed literature on a subject related to your area of practice
  5. identify appropriate research methods for the investigation of particular research questions
  6. compare and contrast the major approaches used in qualitative and quantitative research and discuss the utility of these approaches
  7. describe common sampling and data analysis techniques related to qualitative and quantitative research
  8. explain the ethical implications of, and processes in, undertaking human research
  9. outline steps required to protect vulnerable participants in health research
  10. demonstrate an understanding of the steps required to design and evaluate research.
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Enrolment in a graduate degree.

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject examines the qualitative and quantitative health research methods available to the researcher seeking to answer health-related questions and recommend changes to improve/support practice.  Students will critique research examples in order to evaluate the various methodological approaches and their relative strengths and limitations.  Focus will be on the efficacy of evidence-based research for health care and the forces that facilitate or limit its application.  Students will develop a research proposal to answer a defined research question.

LITERATURE REVIEW: The aim of a Literature Review is to provide a synthesis of the existing research that has contributed to the current understanding and knowledge related to an area of your healthcare practice. The review will explain what this research has found, the limitations of the research and what gaps may exist that are still yet to be filled, i.e. what further research is required to advance our knowledge in the field to enhance best practice. (50%) EXAMINATION: The exam for this subject will be a Closed Book invigilated exam (2 hours plus 10 minutes reading time). The exam will be worth 50% of the total semester mark for this subject and will consist of multiple choice and short answer questions related to Lectures, tutorials, activities and essential readings.

  • Literature Review (50%)
  • Closed Book Invigilated Exam (50%)

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