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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate the link between theory, the Early Years Learning Framework (DEEWR, 2009) and planning for children 2-5 years
  2. demonstrate the capacity to articulate your own philosophy of professional practice as a teacher of young children;
  3. systematically document and critically analyse the pedagogy and practice of teaching and learning
  4. engage critically examining ideas, issues and principles connected with professional decision-making as a teacher in an early childhood setting;
  5. demonstrate the value of an anti bias approach when working with young children and their families
  6. demonstrate an understanding of the role of the reflective practitioner.
    • Introduction to the unit
    • 2-5s Pedagogy & approaches to curriculum
    • 2-5s Environments and invitations to play
    • Establishing meaningful relationships with children
    • Honouring diversity through an anti-bias approach
    • Guiding children's behaviours
    • Programming & planning for children's learning
    • Preparation for the professional experience placement
    • Pedagogical documentation
    • Transition to scholl for children, families & teachers
    • Working in partnership with families
    • Professional experience placement
    • Reflecting on learning
  • Study resources

    • Instructional methods

      • Blog
      • Discussion forum/Discussion Board
      • Embedded Multimedia
      • Online Quizzes/Tests
      • Online assignment submission
      • Podcasting/Lecture capture
      • Standard Media
      • Web links

Equivalent subjects

You cannot enrol in this subject if you have successfully completed any of the following subject(s) because they are considered academically equivalent:

  • MAQ-ECEX825

You must have successfully completed the following subject(s) before starting this subject:

MAQ-ECHX603-Early Childhood Professional Practice 1 , or MAQ-ECEX603

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject was previously known as ECEX825 Early Childhood Professional Practice 2.

In this subject students will build on the knowledge of early childhood theory and practice that gained from their experiences in ECHX603 Early Childhood Professional Practice 1 . Students will extend understanding of critical reflection and personal professional philosophy as a developing teacher. Central to this subject is a 20 day professional experience placement to develop awareness of the professional role and responsibilities of an early childhood teacher working with children from two to five years. This subject therefore combines theory and practice to enable students to construct practical knowledge of teaching and learning through guided reflection.

  • Assignment 1 (20%)
  • Assignment 2 (40%)
  • Assignment 3 (40%)
  • Placement (0%)

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