Are you looking for a better way to promote your short courses?

Many of our higher education partners have asked us for help with getting their short courses seen by the right students.

Up until now, current options to promote their growing portfolios of short courses have been limited. To reach students beyond their own base, education providers often rely on traditional digital advertising and online directories, which puts pressure on tight budgets and delivers poor outcomes.

Say hello to OUA ‘Display’

We are pleased to introduce a new product and a new category in the OUA marketplace, specifically for short courses.

Although the term “display ad” may be unfamiliar, you’re almost certainly familiar with display ads themselves. They are visual-based ads you see while reading an article on a news website, watching a video on YouTube, or using a mobile app.

OUA Display ads are served on the newly launched short courses category on the OUA Marketplace. With over 3.5 million unique visitors to the marketplace per year, this new service provides you with the potential to introduce your short courses and brand to thousands of relevant higher education students from across Australia.

It is quick for our Partners to setup and start using straight away while providing a cost-effective way for new Partners to join the OUA partner ecosystem.

OUA ‘Display’ is:

  • A smarter way to reach students actively looking for short courses.
  • Designed to help students find the right study options for them.
  • A new way for our partners to boost their overall brand visibility.
  • A cost-effective way for higher education institutions to reach one of the largest and most engaged groups of students across Australia.

The proof is in the numbers

We ran two pilots with our ‘Display’ product, covering more than 300 courses with our partners to test and tailor it to their needs and, just as importantly, their students’ needs.

The results highlighted to us and our partners the potential of the Display product to support and engage students in their search for study that best suits their needs and goals.


One partner reported a 50% increase in enrolments during the pilot.


Another saw an overall increase of 10% traffic to their study offerings.


9 partners have already expressed their interest in using Display.

Find out more

Quick to setup and get running, OUA Display is the ideal solution for getting your short courses in front of the students who need them.

Connect with us and let’s talk about how to get OUA Display working for your short courses.

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