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Whether you’re looking to promote a degree, diploma, microcredential or short course, Open Universities Australia’s (OUA) higher education marketplace will help you reach more students. OUA leverages our brand awareness across multiple marketing channels to connect with students across the country. What’s more, our flexible enrolment options mean we attract students who might not normally consider university.

Full service

OUA’s full service offering provides end-to-end student engagement and management. We look after:

  • Sales and marketing.
  • Recruitment and nurturing.
  • Administration services, including application assessments and outcome processing.
  • Student administrative services, such as enrolment and fee support.

You can choose to engage students into your Commonwealth supported places or to offer enrolments with government funding using OUA’s access to FEE-HELP.

Lead referral service

If you prefer a more hands-on option, choose our lead referral service. It takes advantage of our marketing channels to help you attract leads, which we then send on to you to action. OUA will support your university by:

  • Connecting your brand with students through our marketing channels.
  • Providing leverage qualification tools like “choose & explore” to guarantee quality student leads.
  • Adding new programs to our marketplace quickly.

Reach students from around the country by letting people submit their information directly from your listings.


We are pleased to introduce a new product and a new category in the OUA marketplace, specifically for short courses that provides:

  • A smarter way to reach students actively looking for short courses.
  • A cost-effective way for higher education institutions to reach one of the largest and most engaged groups of students across Australia.
  • Designed to help students find the right study options for them.
  • A new way for our partners to boost their overall brand visibility.

Find out more about Display.

Products and services benefits overview

Features Display Lead referral  Full service
       Open access  CSP agency
 Inclusion in National Advertising Campaigns    
 Detailed information pages on OUA’s website    
 Video content on your university and course offerings  
 Campaigns and tools to support student decision-making    
 Quality leads sent direct to Partner  
 Online applications and enrolments  
 Flexible student payment options and fee support  
(OUA Fee-Help access)

 Administrative support        
 End-to-end admission assessments and outcome processing  
 Access to Partner Hub  
 Student management tools  
 Student support        
 Application and enrolment support  
 Additional support, such as counselling services  
 Terms and conditions Find out more
about Display 
Lead referral services

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Open access

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CSP agency services

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Apply for OUA’s Rapid Development Fund to produce your university’s next online degree, microcredential or short course.

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