Degree details

Graduates will be able to:

  1. have an integrated and advanced understanding of a complex body of knowledge in the field of public sector administration and understand contemporary trends and developments in the field in both developing and developed countries;
  2. acquire the ability to analyse critically, reflect on and synthesise complex information, problems, concepts and theories in the field of public sector administration;
  3. research and apply established theories to a body of knowledge or practice and demonstrate a broad range of skills needed to tackle administrative/ managerial problems and challenges in real world situations.

Career objectives

Graduates are suitable for careers in management or administrative roles in the public service, local and national government or in private and non-government organisations.

Higher education

Applicants must normally hold a bachelor degree or equivalent qualification; or hold the Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management or the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy or the Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from Flinders University or equivalent qualification and must have achieved a Flinders equivalent grade point average of 4.50 or above in this postgraduate study.

Credit transfer may be granted, on application, for prior study completed in a relevant Honours, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters degree; accredited professional development; or relevant work experience.

Applications for credit transfer are assessed on a case by case basis according to Flinders University policies. Students must be made an offer for entry into a degree before lodging their completed credit transfer application, along with all necessary documentation for formal assessment. More information is available at

This degree aims to provide a broad overview of issues in public policy and a strong foundation in understanding, knowledge and skills in the practice of management in a public or non-profit environment.

It is 2 years in length on a full-time basis and can also be undertaken part-time.

Recommended Study Pattern

Students complete eight core (compulsory) topics, a capstone topic and up to six option topics chosen from a range of option topics available. These topics aim to provide students with the opportunity to develop critical awareness, skills and knowledge in public administration, management and decision-making for candidates wishing to build careers in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

As a guide, full-time students generally undertake four topics per semester and part-time students undertake two topics per study period. 

Award Requirements

To complete the requirements of the Master of Public Administration (Management), students must successfully complete eight core (compulsory) topics, a capstone topic and up to six option topics chosen from a range of option topics available.

Applications are submitted directly to Flinders University through its online application system.