Degree details

UniSA Online’s Bachelor of Criminal Justice will introduce you to a wide range of contemporary issues and approaches in the criminal justice field. You’ll explore topics ranging from youth justice and cybercrime to victimology and policing.

Throughout your studies, you’ll develop strong research, analytical and communication skills required to work in complex criminal justice roles.  You’ll be able to critically analyse crime prevention theories, techniques and crime reduction programs and apply these methods to real industry problems.

The skills you’ll learn are highly sought after by employers. These include;

  • developing interpersonal strategies to work with young people, victims of crime and offenders
  • enhancing your analytical skills required by officers and analysts within the field
  • evaluating crime prevention strategies and techniques
  • understanding how the criminal justice system impacts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

This degree will open up a number of career opportunities in the security and the criminal justice sector. Graduates of this degree could consider roles such as: 

  • Policy adviser
  • Strategic policy and planning manager
  • Intelligence and policy analyst
  • Correctional services officer
  • Child protection officer

Looking to advance your career? If you have experience in social work, counselling or welfare support or are currently working as a law enforcement officer or a security officer, this degree is well positioned to help you progress your career in the criminal justice sector.

Higher education

You’re eligible to study with UniSA Online if you have completed any of
the following with a competitive result:

  • the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), with a competitive ATAR;
  • a secondary education qualification equivalent to SACE such as an interstate year 12 or international qualification;
  • the International Baccalaureate Diploma with a minimum score of 24 points;
  • at least four Open Universities Australia (OUA) subjects at undergraduate level or above;
  • an award from a registered training organisation at Certificate IV level or above;
  • Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT);
  • a University Foundation Studies program; or successful completion of online literacy and numeracy test through the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) with relevant work experience.

In order to complete your application, we’ll ask you to provide
supporting documents as proof of your prior study or work experience

Study Criminal Justice On Demand with UniSA Online and take full control over your study. 

If you’re looking to make a positive impact on the wellbeing and safety of your community, UniSA Online’s Criminal Justice degree will help make your goals a reality.  

The criminal justice system plays a crucial role in maintaining, enforcing and administering the law to help promote justice for individuals and the community, as well as reduce and prevent crime. This 100% online degree gives you the opportunity to explore the inner workings of the criminal justice system and discover how it responds to crime, and promotes justice for individuals and the community.  This degree will also give you an insight into key agencies within the Australian Intelligence Community, how they work together, and the functions they serve.

Developed by academics with extensive industry experience, you’ll cover the most up-to-date trends affecting areas such as cyber-crime, counter-terrorism, police investigations and intelligence, and applied criminology.

Recommended Study Pattern

Year 1

  • Critical Approaches to Online Learning (CURR 3021)*
    *This subject is common to all UniSA Online degrees and will be offered multiple times each year to enable students to commence their program of study at any time. Students who are studying part-time must take this subject first before they study any other subjects in their chosen degree. Students who are studying full time may take this subject and one other subject in the same study period.
  • Foundations of Law (LAWS 1023)
  • Criminology and Public Policy (LAWS 2036)
  • Psychology Concepts (BEHL 1027)
  • Principles of Public Law (LAWS 1024)
  • The Social World (SOCU 1008)
  • Intercultural Communication (LANG 1064)
  • Criminal Law and Procedure (LAWS 1022)

Year 2

  • Policing Investigations and Intelligence (JUST 2013)
  • Elective 1
  • Corrections: Offender Rehabilitation and Desistance (JUST 2011)
  • Elective 2
  • Youth Justice (JUST 2014)
  • Social Research Methods (HUMS 2043)
  • Sociology of Deviance (SOCU 2020)
  • Crime, Gender and Sexuality (JUST 2012)

Year 3

  • Cybercrime and Digital Evidence (JUST 3006)
  • Psychology of Investigative and Legal Processes (JUST 3007)
  • Elective 3
  • Indigenous Australians, Policing and the Criminal Justice System (SOCU 2019)
  • Victimology (JUST 3008)
  • Elective 4
  • Crime Prevention (JUST 3005)
  • Human Services Workers and the Law (JUST 3004)

Suggested Electives

  • Integrated Communication Planning (COMM 3077)
  • Social Analysis (WELF 3026)
  • Sociology of Gender and Intimacy (HUMS 3053)
  • Organisational Leadership (BUSS 3096)
  • Managing Decision Making (BUSS 3095)
  • International Management Ethics and Values (BUSS 3094)
  • Strategic Management (BUSS 3097)
  • Young People in Transition (WELF 3027)

Award Requirements

Students must complete 24 subjects including 4 electives.