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  • Simulation in Counter Terrorism

    MAQ-PICX8955 | Postgraduate

    Take on the role of a counter terrorism expert in a dynamic simulation of a real-world crisis. Draw on your theoretical and practical knowledge to assess the threat and problem solve. Formulate policy recommendations based on your experiences.

  • Simulation in Cyber Security

    MAQ-PICX8954 | Postgraduate

    In this sequential course, you’ll put the knowledge you’ve gained in cyber security into practice with a simulation of a real-world crisis. Solve problems and find solutions using research and analysis in teams.

  • Simulation in Intelligence

    MAQ-PICX8953 | Postgraduate

    Challenge yourself in a crisis simulation as you step up to the role of an intelligence analyst. Call on your academic learning to develop strategic solutions. Oversee the intelligence sections of the exercise’s mock ministerial briefing papers.

  • Simulation in Criminology

    MAQ-PICX8952 | Postgraduate

    Work with peers on a simulated real-world crisis. Calling on your studies to date, apply criminology theory to your team role as a criminologist. Draft briefing papers and make policy recommendations to combat crime in this role-playing scenario.

  • Simulation in Security and Strategy

    MAQ-PICX8951 | Postgraduate

    Experience the challenges that strategists face in a high-stress crisis situation as part of this simulated learning subject. Work as part of an executive team made up of your peers. Utilise your understanding of game theory to assess the scenario.