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  • Legal, Justice and Security
  • Macquarie University

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  • Spot patterns in Australia's social structures. Look at the media, family, religion and class. Take advantage of sociological research methods such as observations and interviews. Begin to examine Australian society through a sociological lens.

  • Take stock of how money and culture feeds into the American political system. Explain the power of the Constitution in US politics. Monitor the influence of special interest groups. See how race, faith and the economy intertwine with policy.

  • International Relations of the Middle East

    MAQ-POIX3220 | Undergraduate

    Explore the international politics and regional relations that shaped the Middle East this past century. Attempt to identify the issues at root in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Cover the impact the Cold War and the War on Terror has had on the region.

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  • Middle-East Politics

    MAQ-POIX2780 | Undergraduate

    Familiarise yourself with domestic politics in the Middle East. Build a foundational knowledge of 19th and 20th century regional politics. Appraise Middle East government structures. Use the global post-9/11 environment to contextualise your studies.

  • Governance, Power and Public Policy

    MAQ-POIX2070 | Undergraduate

    Get a thorough overview of the process of developing Australian government policy. Query the role of the public service. Shine a light on dilemmas that can arise. Draw on local examples that illustrate the complexity of the policy-making process.

  • Consider the politics of fairness in modern Australia. Dig into the treatment of Indigenous Australians and new arrivals. Question if men and women receive equal opportunities. Explore the politics of same sex relationships. See connections and consequences. 

  • Introduction to Global Politics

    MAQ-POIX1080 | Undergraduate

    Gain a global perspective on issues like poverty, climate change and terrorism. Broaden your understanding of the history of global politics. Identify the challenges facing international governing bodies. Ask what you can do to change the world.

  • Australian Politics in Global Context

    MAQ-POIX1010 | Undergraduate

    Stare down the barrel of Australian political history. Learn about the Dismissal and the Great Depression. Investigate the two-party system and other political institutions. Take on debated hot topics such as globalisation, climate change and war.

  • Ethical Practice in Security Studies

    MAQ-PICX3020 | Undergraduate

    Canvas the major ethical, moral and legal paradigms of thought within security studies. Evaluate the ethics of the recourse to war, humanitarian intervention, wartime conduct, interrogation and torture, weapons, intelligence and surveillance