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  • Introduction to Programming

    RMI-CPT120 | Undergraduate

    Programming is acknowledged as a vital skill that enables problem solving through the use of computers across a range of varied disciplines. This course introduces you to basic concepts, syntax and control structures in programming. You will learn how to program in a step-wise problem solving fashion.

    • 29 Nov 2021
  • Introduction to Information Technology

    RMI-CPT110 | Undergraduate

    Get real about current information technology trends, concepts, software and applications. Apply your technical knowledge in business settings. Acquire critical analysis skills to solve problems, overcome constraints and meet specified requirements.

    • 29 Nov 2021
  • Programming 1

    RMI-CPT121 | Undergraduate

    Program a future in Object-Orientated Programming using Java classes and interfaces. Create algorithms to specification using standard control structures and step-wise refinement. Reuse code and devise strategies to test new software.

    • 29 Nov 2021
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  • Cloud Computing

    RMI-CPT350 | Undergraduate

    Future dates pending. Save this course to easily check back on availability.

  • Building IT Systems

    RMI-CPT111 | Undergraduate

    Get inspired and informed about building IT. Find a team, form a plan, seed an idea and watch it grow it from start to finish. Use tools and tactics to deliver the full lifecycle. Learn from hands-on experience how to grow and harvest your IT ideas.

    Future dates pending. Save this course to easily check back on availability.

  • User-Centred Design

    RMI-CPT112 | Undergraduate

    Focus on improving experiences and engagement for end-users. Adopt a design first approach to create meaningful, useful and functional interfaces. Apply user-centred design to develop interactive systems considering people’s abilities and limits.

    • 29 Nov 2021
  • Introduction to Computer Systems

    RMI-CPT160 | Undergraduate

    Build and design integrated computer systems that power organisations. Explore new network technology. Map and navigate computer architecture. Learn to select, deploy, integrate and manage new platforms to support existing operating environments.

    • 29 Nov 2021
  • Database Concepts

    RMI-CPT140 | Undergraduate

    Dig into data principles. Explore the use and application of database systems. Learn how to design and apply software solutions to meet requirements and specifications. Assess and compare software assets and IT systems for organisational and user fit.

    • 29 Nov 2021
  • Learn how people, devices, information and services are continuously connected by an evolving data communications network. Gain critical analysis talent, uncover data communication methods, and reveal the drivers for adopting alternative technologies.

    Future dates pending. Save this course to easily check back on availability.

  • Bioinformatics

    RMI-SCB240 | Undergraduate

    Put the theory behind bioinformatics under the microscope. Step inside database and information systems and see how they’re organised. Identify biological proteins and analyse their structures. Manipulate DNA sequences and study molecular modelling.

    Future dates pending. Save this course to easily check back on availability.