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  • Society, Health and Community

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  • Advanced Introduction to Policy

    MAQ-POIX8090 | Postgraduate

    • 21 Feb 2022
  • Policy Design: Concepts and Case Studies

    MAQ-POIX8000 | Postgraduate

    • 21 Feb 2022
    • 25 Jul 2022
  • Social Impact Assessment

    MAQ-GEOX8010 | Postgraduate

    Understand how social impact assessment can help stakeholders with different world-views find common ground.Explore the difficulties that can arise during cross-cultural negotiations. Pick apart case studies that deal with issues like native title.

    • 25 Jul 2022
  • Build your capacity to lead and manage by exploring early childhood leadership theory. Investigate management structures, regulatory and legislative frameworks, and the ethical and professional roles and responsibilities required

    • 21 Feb 2022
  • Early Childhood Professional Practice 2

    MAQ-ECHX8250 | Postgraduate

    Build on the theory, knowledge and practice that you gained in Early Childhood Professional Practice 1 by completing a 20-day placement. Develop an awareness of a teacher’s responsibilities when  working with children from 2-5 years.

    • 21 Feb 2022
  • Extend your knowledge of child development. Consider the measurement of child development, quality in childcare, and evaluation of children's environments. Analyse research to develop your skills in using evidence-based approaches to teaching

    • 25 Jul 2022
  • Families in Context

    MAQ-ECHX8200 | Postgraduate

    Examine family and the implications of diversity in family values. Compare traditional, western images of family and the daily experiences of families in Australia. Consider socio-cultural, economic and political contexts in shaping family life.

    • 21 Feb 2022
  • Early Childhood Development

    MAQ-ECHX6020 | Postgraduate

    Examine major theories of child development and apply them to educational practice. Increase your awareness of the historical and contextual influences on children, and investigate the links between different dimensions of child growth and development.

    • 21 Feb 2022
  • Health and Well-being in Early Childhood

    MAQ-ECHX6010 | Postgraduate

    Familiarise yourself with Australian regulations designed to protect children and ensure their optimal wellbeing. Study human syndromes and atypical development, then learn how to promote positive health practices for children and families.

    • 21 Feb 2022
  • Study the impact of acute and chronic illnesses across both physical and mental conditions. Consider how they impact the patient and their family. Cover quality of life - including sexuality, body image, fatigue, spirituality and more. 

    • 29 Nov 2021
    • 30 May 2022
    • 28 Nov 2022