Postgraduate Science and engineering units - Statistics

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Statistical Practice 1
STA60001 SWI SP1 SP3
Basic Statistical Computing
STA60003 SWI SP1 SP3
Research Design
STA60004 SWI SP1 SP3
Statistical Practice 2
STA60005 SWI SP1 SP3
Multivariate Statistics
STA70002 SWI SP1 SP3
Further Statistical Computing
STA70003 SWI SP1 SP3
STA70004 SWI SP3
Survey Sampling
STA70005 SWI SP3
Structural Equation Modelling
STA80003 SWI SP3
Advanced Topics in Regression
STA80004 SWI SP1
Statistical Marketing Tools
STA80005 SWI SP3
Using R for Statistical Analysis
STA80006 SWI SP1
Bayesian Statistics
STA80007 SWI SP3
Scale Development and Evaluation
STA80008 SWI SP1
Statistical Consulting
STA80009 SWI SP1
Industrial/Research Project
STA80010 SWI SP3