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  • Health & medical science
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  • Torrens University Australia
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Course results for Torrens University Australia Undergraduate Health & medical science Degrees

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  • Torrens University Australia

    TUA-BON-DEG | Undergraduate

    Promote wellness through food and nutrition

    Explore the connection between nutrition and a healthy life. You’ll study macronutrients and the metabolism across the lifespan. Support public health through diet-focussed interventions. Graduate and register with the Nutrition Society of Australia.

  • Torrens University Australia

    TUA-HSA-DEG | Undergraduate

    Provide tailored and innovative skincare plans

    Develop clinical skills and access the latest technology in skincare. You’ll improve your clients’ wellbeing in a student-led clinic, learning from specialist academics. Get to know aesthetic principles and how to use them in your practice.

  • Torrens University Australia

    Formulate herbal prescriptions using medicinal plants

    Explore where herbal medicine fits in with health science and pharmacology. You’ll practice clinical skills and provide lifestyle advice in a student-led clinic. Deep dive into the quality and safety of herbal medicine in different forms and doses.

  • Torrens University Australia

    TUA-BHN-DEG | Undergraduate

    Use natural remedies to help the body heal itself

    Explore traditional healing methods and their place in the community. You’ll learn from specialists in the field. Gain real-life clinic experience guided by qualified naturopaths. Accredited by Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia.

  • Torrens University Australia

    Heal with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture

    Explore the relationship between mind, body and spirit. This course offers practical experience and guidance from specialist academics. You’ll learn, hands-on, to safely apply Chinese medicine techniques in world class clinics.

  • Torrens University Australia

    Improve people’s lives through food and nutrition

    Study the foundations of biology, physiology and pathology. See where dietary factors fit in with health and wellness. You’ll gain hands-on experience treating patients in a student-led clinic. Graduates are eligible to join professional associations.