Top 5 physical distancing hacks

As many face their fourth week of physical distancing, we look into 5 hacks that promise to keep your mind occupied while staying safe. 

Top 5 physical distancing hacks_edit

There’s no doubt about it. Our efforts in physical distancing are going to “make or break” just how hard the Australian population, and in particular health workers, are hit by the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  

And while physical distancing is something to be proud of – after all, it’s a sign you’re doing your part to keep our community safe – it doesn’t make it any less difficult.  

So, how can you stay connected and (relatively) happy, sans socialising?  

Here are our top 5 hacks: 

    1. Arm yourself with video apps 

    Many are looking to innovative new apps that allow friends to play digital games while chatting, as well as add filters and answer pop quizzes, to lighten up video calls. 

    One such app, Houseparty, allows users to jump in and out of conversations with ease, removing the need to schedule a video call. Simply log in, and you can see which friends are online, ready to game. Or just chat. Whatever’s your style.  

    2. Note-drop with neighbours 

    Not big on tech? No worries. Many are finding comfort in going old-school, writing notes to neighbours and placing them in letterboxes for a more traditional exchange.  

    Some have reportedly written a “Here if you need help” style note and dropped it off at all the houses in their street. Meanwhile, others have used pen and paper to introduce themselves for the first time. 

    Give it a go. Who knows, you might find yourself a pen pal.  

    Neighbour note_edit

    3. Lean on your pet 

    Physical distancing is difficult for all of us. But there’s a certain species (or two) that are loving our new-found homebody lifestyles. And that’s our cats and dogs. 

    It’s a benefit that works both ways. Not only are pets happy to have us home, but contact with our furry friends has been shown to increase mood and even study outcomes. 

    So, go on. Let the dog on the bed. You’ll feel better for it.  

    4. Netflix and chill... online 

    Were you the type to host Netflix nights with friends? The good news is you can keep it up from afar. 

    A new Chrome extension allows you and your friends to watch the same Netflix series or movie online while discussing what’s happening on-screen via a chat window.  

    Head to your Watchlist and decide what you’ll screen this week.   

    5. Go on a bear hunt 

    If you’re going for a daily walk or two, you may have noticed a peculiar string of stuffed animals placed in windows around your neighbourhood. 

    No, you’re not losing your mind. These bears have a purpose.  

    Many are joining the crusade to create a “bear hunt” for kids, setting up bears in windows so that children have something exciting to look at when they’re on yet another walk. 

    Even if you don’t have kids, playing a game of spot-the-bear is a pretty amusing way to spend your next walk.  

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