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Upon completion of this subject, students will be able to:

  1. understand and display detailed knowledge of the development of history as a popular and academic discipline; 
  2. understand and display knowledge of the various historiographical and theoretical underpinnings of history as a discipline; 
  3. understand and interpret a variety of key historical and historiographical works; 
  4. write and present well-constructed, properly-referenced historical prose; 
  5. reflect upon their own understanding and engagement with the nature of historical knowledge; and 
  6. conduct research appropriate to studying history at first year tertiary level. 
    • Topics will be available to enrolled students in the subjects moodle site approximately one week prior to the commencement of the teaching period.
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    It is essential for students to have reliable internet access in order to participate in and complete their subjects. 

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This subject deals with the origins, current state, and future of history as one of the oldest academic and popular disciplines. Students will study the 'history of history', examining the foundations of history in the ancient world; the development of medieval and early-modern conceptions of history; and history in its many modern forms. The subject also considers non-Western conceptions of history, and explores some of the key questions and debates over the nature of history itself. These include questions over history as an empirical discipline or social science; history as a narrative of progress; history as fiction; history as national epic; history as class struggle; history as the lives of great men; and the 'end' of history.

Assessment 1. Online workbook entries 1. 1000 words. Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO): 1, 2, 4 Assessment 2. Online workbook entries 2. 1000 words Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO): 1, 2, 4 Assessment 3. Essay. 2000 words. Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO): 1-6

  • Online Workbook Entries 1 (25%%)
  • Online Workbook Entries 2 (25%%)
  • Essay (50%%)