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Database Management Systems

Undergraduate | UNE-COSC210 | 2024

Study method
100% online
100% online
Entry requirements
Part of a degree
16 weeks
Start dates
26 Feb 2024

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Database Management Systems

About this subject

  • Upon completion of this subject, students will be able to:

    1. describe the essential components of database management systems (DBMS) and apply data modelling approaches to design databases for real-world scenarios;
    2. explain the principles of the relational model, implement databases using a relational DBMS and understand the architectures that allow application software to use data stored within a database schema;
    3. work with data stored in a relational DBMS by applying SQL to create database tables, extract, present and modify data, and implement integrity that reflect business logic;
    4. understand and apply the principles of normalisation and functional dependencies to assess and optimise a relational schema;
    5. explain the concepts of transaction management, query processing, physical storage and database indexing; and
    6. explain the societal issues around information privacy, as they relate to the storage and dissemination of data, and apply views and permissions to implement security constraints.

Entry requirements

Part of a degree

To enrol in this subject you must be accepted into one of the following degrees:


  • UNE-LGS-DEG-2024 - Bachelor of Legal Studies
  • UNE-INF-DIP-2024 - Diploma in Information Technology

Prior study

You must either have successfully completed the following subject(s) before starting this subject, or currently be enrolled in the following subject(s) in a prior study period; or enrol in the following subject(s) to study prior to this subject:

one of

Please note that your enrolment in this subject is conditional on successful completion of these prerequisite subject(s). If you study the prerequisite subject(s) in the study period immediately prior to studying this subject, your result for the prerequisite subject(s) will not be finalised prior to the close of enrolment. In this situation, should you not complete your prerequisite subject(s) successfully you should not continue with your enrolment in this subject. If you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite subject(s) and believe you may not complete these all successfully, it is your responsibility to reschedule your study of this subject to give you time to re-attempt the prerequisite subject(s).


Candidature in Diploma in Information Technology or Diploma in Science.
To enrol in this subject you will need to pass the Prerequisite/s. Please note as UNE results are released after the close of enrolment date, your enrolment into this subject will be withdrawn if you do not pass the prerequisite subject/s.
UNE-COSC210 requires a knowledge of, and programming experience with, a high level programming language. UNE-AMTH140 is a recommended unit. Experience with the use of the Linux/UNIX operating system is highly recommended.

Additional requirements

  • Equipment requirements - Headphones or speakers (required to listen to lectures and other media). Headset, including microphone (highly recommended). Webcam (may be required for participation in virtual classrooms and/or media presentations).
  • Software requirements - The subject requires students to have access to the server turing.une.edu.au and the PostgreSQL database server hosted on this system. Students will need to access turing.une.edu.au using the X2Go Client software (or equivalent), Putty, or via SSH. It is essential for students to have reliable internet access in order to participate in and complete your units, regardless of whether they contain an on campus attendance or intensive school component. For additional information please visit UNE Hardware Requirements: https://www.une.edu.au/current-students/support/it-services/hardware
  • Other requirements -

    Textbook requirements:
    Textbook information is not available until approximately 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the Teaching period.
    Students are expected to purchase prescribed material.
    Textbook requirements may vary from one teaching period to the next.

Study load

0.125 EFTSL
This is in the range of 10 to 12 hours of study each week.

Equivalent full time study load (EFTSL) is one way to calculate your study load. One (1.0) EFTSL is equivalent to a full-time study load for one year.

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