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Students who successfully complete this subject will be able to:

  1. Understand the nature and characteristics of business problems and their organisational context
  2. Position information systems analysis within complex organisational context
  3. Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of some of the major, contemporary problem solving methodologies in business information systems analysis, and their application to business analysis and information analysis
  4. Identify and appreciate contemporary issues and problems associated with information requirements analysis in an organisational
  5. Understand business analysis as the means of identifying, clarifying and defining business information requirements
  6. Demonstrate ability to use appropriate tools and techniques (software) to support different problem solving and analytical approaches.
    • Nature of problem in organisations, the organisational context of business and information analysis
    • Nature of systems, and systems thinking for organisational problem solving
    • Business analysis and the systems development life cycle (SDLC)
    • Tools, techniques and skills for business & information analysis: communication, recording, assessment
    • Hard vs soft approaches to intervening in organisational problem contexts
    • Soft OR approaches, and their relevance to business and information analysis
    • Sociotechnical theory and its relevance to business and information analysis
    • Reflective systems development approaches
    • Issues & challenges in business and information analysis, and the criticality of these initial phases to system success
    • Information as social/cultural /political symbol & signal, concept of myth and metaphor in business and information analysis, and systems development
    • Interpersonal issues & communication difficulties between and amongst analysts & users


Requires at least 2 years relevant IT work experience and approval of MISM program coordinator for students not enrolled in the MISM only.

Special requirements

No special requirements

The aim of this subject is to address the underlying competencies that support the effective performance of business analysis. The subject also covers the skills, knowledge and personal characteristics required to understand the organizational contexts and facilitate in implementing and assessing the contemporary business information systems. 

  • Individual (20-30%)
  • Individual (30-40%)
  • Group (40-50%)

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