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Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:

  1. Critically analyse the concept of business process(es), their value, improvement, re-engineering and workflow
  2. Apply coherent and advanced knowledge to the role of technologies and business process management in diverse contexts and applications using critical thinking
  3. Apply business process fundamentals to the analysis, design and modelling of business processes
  4. Apply problem solving, design and decision making methodologies to identify and provide innovative solutions to complex business process management problems with intellectual independence
  5. Communicate proficiently in professional practice to a variety of audiences and function as an effective member or leader of a diverse team and use the basic tools and practices of business process management within project work.
    • Business Process Elements, Notation
    • Introduction to Business Process Management and relationship to organizational strategic goals and objectives
    • Organizational Concepts, Business Process Management approaches and methodologies
    • Business Process Modelling & Redesign
    • Resources Allocation and capacity, Performance Analysis
    • BPM Technologies, BPMS and Business Process Automation
    • Business Process Design Best Practices, Lean Methodology and Improvement
    • Business Process Architecture and Value creation
    • Change Management, Quality, Six Sigma and the Future of BPM

You must have successfully completed the following subject(s) before starting this subject:

SWI-INF60010-Requirements Analysis and Modelling

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No special requirements

This subject outlines the key concepts of business process management and modelling, its importance to an organisation, and how these support business activities. This also includes integration with a wide range of functions involving other organisations such as occurs in supply-chain management. The perspectives taken are that technology should align with strategic management objectives and cultural practices and also that business process analysis and design is a means of providing significant opportunities for innovation and performance advantage over competitors.

  • Assignment 1 - Individual (20-30%)
  • Assignment 2 — Group (20-40%)
  • Assignment 3 - Individual (20-30%)
  • Test — Individual (20-30%)

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