Subject details

At the completion of this subject students should be able to:

  • Engage in problem solving activities;
  • Critically review information relevant to your discipline and project topic;
  • Recognise the value of working in teams;
  • Contribute to the process of developing a research proposal.
    • Write application for a job in a research team
    • Group literature review of information relevant to your research topic
    • Group critical thinking exercise where you define your hypothesis and your hypothesis and your method for achieving your research project aims
    • Group risk assessment exercise examining the legal, ethical, safety, environmental and other risks associated with your project
    • Prepare a group poster to communication about your research project
    • Write and individual grant application/business case for your research project


This is a capstone work integrated learning subject. You should be in the final year of your Applied Science program, having completed at least the first two years of your science program.

Special requirements

No special requirements

This is a Work Integrated Learning subject which prepares you for employment through a combination of:

  • lectures on topics important to the professional scientist, such as working in teams, legal and ethical aspects of science, risk recognition;
  • working in teams to develop a mock research project grant application on a topic of interest to industry.

The skills and knowledge that you gain will be used throughout your career. This subject is taken in the final year of an undergraduate course and provides an introduction to those areas of professional practice not generally covered within your technical degree.

  • Job application and interview (10%)
  • Individual project proposal (25%)
  • Group critical thinking exercise (15%)
  • Group risk assessment (10%)
  • Group Literature review (20%)
  • Group project poster (20%)

Textbook information is pending.

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