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Subject details

  • Topics
    • Investment Setting and Measuring Investment Returns
    • Selecting Investments and Asset Allocation
    • Professional Money Management, securities Markets and Indexes
    • Efficient Capital Markets
    • Portfolio Theory
    • Asset Pricing Models
    • Equity Portfolio Management
    • Evaluation of Portfolio Performance
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On successful completion of this subject you will be able to:

  • CLO1: Create an investment portfolio in a sustainable manner using business design thinking to provide solutions and recommendations to a client’s organisation. 
  • CLO2: Research and think creatively to generate innovative solutions to manage issues in an authentic business context
  • CLO3: Apply ethical and interpersonal skills to work in teams and to communicate effectively with clients
  • CLO4: Critically reflect on your executive career potential and lifelong learning.
  • Assignment 1 - Assignment - Linked CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4 (40%)
  • Assignment 2 - Invigilated Exam - Linked CLOs: 2, 4 (40%)
  • Assignment 3 - Mid-Session Test - Linked CLOs: 1, 2 (20%)

Textbooks are subject to change within the academic year. Students are advised to purchase their books no earlier than one to two months before the start of a subject

No eligibility requirements

Special requirements

No special requirements

This capstone subject is the culmination of learning that has taken place throughout your program to provide you with the knowledge and skills of professional and ethical issues in relation to finance and the management of investments on an individual and portfolio basis. 

Portfolio Management focuses on the construction and management of investment portfolios. It provides students with an understanding of procedures involved in portfolio management - setting portfolio objectives, determining investment policy, formulating investment strategies, maximising expected returns while minimising risk, devising rules for updating portfolio and evaluation performance. Creating a portfolio of investments will provide you with the tools to achieve the aim of the subject and provide you with the opportunity to gain real world experience in a professional context. The subject provides you with an opportunity to get exposure to the managed fund industry and obtain feedback.

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