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Subject details

This subject focuses on the following capability dimensions:

  1. Logistics internal integration operations capabilities 
  2. Material management practice capabilities
  3. Distribution practice capabilities
  4. Critical analysis problem setting and solving capabilities
  5. Interpersonal and communication capabilities
  6. Teamwork and leadership capabilities.

Upon completion of this subject, you should be able to demonstrate achievement of the following Degree Level Outcomes (CLOs):

  1. Identify and evaluate the processes, tools and principles of operations management
  2. Explain and evaluate the quality processes in manufacturing and service sector
  3. Identify future challenges and directions that relate to operations management
  4. Identify the processes needed to develop a product from identifying the need to delivering the final product to the end user
  5. Apply the tasks, tools and underlying principles of operations management in the manufacturing and service sectors.
    • Key concepts in OM, Product and Services, Productivity, Ethics and Social Responsibility
    • Forecasting
    • Product and Service Design
    • Quality Management and Statistical Process Control
    • Process Design and Location Strategies
    • Managing the Supply Chain
    • Inventory Management
    • Aggregate Planning
    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
    • JIT, Lean Operations, Toyota Production System
    • Short Term Scheduling
    • Revision
  • Study resources

    • Online materials

      • Printable format materials


Must complete Level 1 studies in Logistics before commencing this subject.

Special requirements

No special requirements

This unit provides an understanding of the processes involved in manufacturing industries and service sector and includes a substantial module on designing and managing operations, inventory management, Long-term, Intermediate and short term planning, and quality management. The degree focuses on the relation of systems and technologies to the strategic direction for manufacturing operations and the function of operations planning. You will learn to think systematically about the fundamental processes involved and to evaluate the performance of a factory. You will also develop your critical thinking skills to the point where you are able to debate contemporary issues in operations management.

  • Invigilated Exam (50%)
  • Individual Assignment 2 (30%)
  • Individual Assignment 1 (20%)

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