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Postgraduate | MUR-EENV594-2023

Energy Management

Conserve energy and learn efficient ways to measure, minimise and monitor energy use in buildings, infrastructure and devices. Consider conservation costs versus production. Source and compare heating and cooling systems. Conduct an energy audit.

Study method

100% online


100% online

Entry requirements

Part of a degree


13 weeks

FEE-HELP available

About this subject

What you'll learn

At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. set up an effective energy plan based on sound principles
  2. apply the theory and practice of energy audits
  3. demonstrate how tariffs apply in energy management schemes
  4. analyse the economic viability of energy management options
  5. discuss opportunities for energy management in building design, air-conditioning, lighting, industrial plant.
    • What is Energy management - objectives and potential
    • Energy management: economic evaluation - principles/electricity and metering
    • Energy costs and tariffs - electricity and gas
    • Energy audits
    • Building design - options for energy management/air conditioning
    • Ice storage for air conditioning
    • Energy management - lighting/electric motors and machines
    • Industrial systems - steam and compressed air
    • Industrial systems - boilers and furnaces/heat recovery
    • Energy management control systems/road transport
  • A study of the efficient use of energy in buildings, factories and transport systems; techniques for measuring and monitoring energy use; approaches to optimising the performance of electrical appliances and systems; design principles to minimise energy use in buildings and devices and an assessment of the relative costs of energy conservation and energy production in various applications. The subject will include an energy audit and a project report on the results and conclusions.

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  • Collectively the assessment tasks provide realistic examples of activities students would undertake as graduates in the workplace if they pursued a career in energy management. Feedback on assessment components is provided by the unit co-ordinators and mentors.

    • Mid-Semester assignment (20%)
    • Energy Audit (30%)
    • Online Quizzes (10%)
    • Open book timed online exam (40%)
  • For textbook details check your university's handbook, website or learning management system (LMS).

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Entry requirements

To enrol in this subject, you must be admitted into a degree.

Prior study

You are recommended to have completed the following subject(s) or have equivalent knowledge before starting this subject:

  • MUR-EENV592 (Not currently available)


Knowledge of high school physics is required.

Additional requirements

No additional requirements