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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. consider issues of energy use and energy supply in a broad context of sustainability
  2. make decisions and provide advice about options of energy supply and use.
    • What is energy?
    • Energy and life
    • Production and consumption of energy
    • Energy conversion
    • Energy use
    • The fossil fuels
    • Electrical energy
    • Nuclear power
    • Hydroelectricity
    • Geothermal power
    • Wind power
    • Biomass
    • Solar Energy
    • Energy storage
    • The hydrogen economy
    • Energy efficiency
    • Energy resources
    • Social and economic Issues
    • Energy and the environment
    • Energy and the future
  • Study resources

    • Instructional methods

      • Discussion forum/Discussion Board
      • Embedded Multimedia
      • Online assignment submission
      • Standard Media
      • Web links
    • Online materials

      • Printable format materials
      • Resources and Links
      • Online Assessment
      • Audio-Video streaming


Knowledge of high school physics is required.

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject is about energy sources and how they are utilised to produce power for human society. It is based on a multidisciplinary approach and covers patterns of consumption; energy conversion technology; environmental and social impacts; conventional and alternative sources; energy conservation and options for future energy supplies.

  • Project (30%)
  • Assignments (20%)
  • 3 hour invigilated exam (50%)

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