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Postgraduate | MAQ-PICX8061-2023

Transnational Security

Previously MAQ-PICX861

Multi-dimensional by definition, this course seeks to understand the connection between political, economic, military, social, and cultural security, while teaching the high-order research skills required to appraise and analyse security challenges.

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100% online


100% online

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Part of a degree


18 weeks

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  • 24 July 2023

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About this subject

What you'll learn

ON successful completion of this subject, you will be able to:

  1. Critically analyse the current scholarly debate on transnational security challenges.
  2. Independently investigate the policy responses to transnational security with case studies from different countries.
  3. Apply high order research skills to transnational security in Asia, demonstrated through the generation of new research knowledge.
  4. Critically evaluate the current security challenges in an ethical, responsible and professional manner.
  5. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the complex relationship between the political, economic, military, social and cultural dimensions of human security in the context of transnational security.
    • A week-by-week guide to the topics in this subject will be provided in the study materials.
  • The unit was formerly known as PICX861 Transnational Security.

    Transnational security challenges pose major problems for many states, including Australia. They also challenge the traditional conceptual foundations of international security studies based on the primacy and sovereignty of the state. For example, human migration, drug trafficking, environmental change, and organised crime contribute to the internal instability of developed as well as the developing states. In some instances, resource scarcity can even lead to interstate conflict. However, new and innovative analytical concepts are required to develop a clear appreciation of the specific nature of individual transnational problems and adequate responses. This subject will examine the theories and analytical instruments needed to critically analyse different transnational security challenges. It also examines the multi-dimensional nature of security – political, economic, military, social and cultural – and the often-intimate connection between these seemingly separate spheres or entities.

    • Take home examination (40%)
    • Reflective writing (10%)
    • Policy Memo (40%)
    • Active participation (10%)
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Entry requirements

Part of a degree

To enrol in this subject you must be accepted into one of the following degrees:


  • MAQ-SEC-MAS-2023 - Master of Security and Strategic Studies


  • MAQ-CYB-MAS-2023 - Master of Cyber Security Analysis
  • MAQ-INT-MAS-2023 - Master of Intelligence
  • MAQ-CRM-MAS-2023 - Master of Criminology
  • MAQ-MCT-MAS-2023 - Master of Counter Terrorism
  • MAQ-SSC-GCE-2023 - Graduate Certificate of Security Studies and Criminology

Equivalent subjects

You should not enrol in this subject if you have successfully completed any of the following subject(s) because they are considered academically equivalent:

  • MAQ-PICX913 (Not currently available)

  • MAQ-PICX922 (Not currently available)

  • MAQ-PICX861 (Not currently available)


NCCW (pre-2020 units) PICX913, PICX922, PICT861, PICX861 Pre-requisite Admission to MSecStrategicStud or MIntell or MCrim or MCyberSec or MCTerrorism or GradCertSecStudCr or GradDipSecStudCr or MPICT or GradDipPICT or MPICTMIntSecSt or MIntSecStud or GradDipIntSecStud or MIntRel or GradDipIntRel or MIntBusMIntRel or MTransInterMIntRel or MCPICT or MCPICTMISS or GradDipCPICT or GradCertCPICT or MSecStrategicStudMCrim or MSecStrategicStudMIntell or MSecStrategicStudMCyberSec or MSecStrategicStudMCTerrorism or MIntellMCrim or MIntellMCyberSec or MIntellMCTerrorism or MCyberSecMCTerrorism or MCyberSecMCrim or MCTerrorismMCrim or Master of Cyber Security Analysis or 10cps at 6000 level or 10cps 8000 level

Additional requirements

  • Other requirements -
    • Broadband access


    Students who have an Academic Standing of Suspension or Exclusion under Macquarie University's Academic Progression Policy are not permitted to enrol in OUA units offered by Macquarie University. Students with an Academic Standing of Suspension or Exclusion who have enrolled in units through OUA will be withdrawn.

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