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Undergraduate | MAQ-PSYX2234-2023

Social and Personality Psychology

Previously MAQ-PSYX234

Learn to bring a scientific lens to personality and social psychology using theories and research. Take a critical approach as you consider differences in the two fields, evaluate existing knowledge and look into controversies within these areas.

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Entry requirements

Part of a degree


18 weeks

Start dates

  • 20 Feb 2023

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About this subject

What you'll learn

On successful completion of this subject, you will be able to:

  1. Conduct an analysis of a research topic within personality or social psychology.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the key theories and research in social and personality psychology.
  3. Discuss the concepts attained in the lectures and readings in a small class forum
    • 1. Introduction to the unit; Introduction to Personality Research
    • 2. Post-Freudian Psychodynamic Accounts; Attachment Theory and Personality
    • 3. Neuropsychoanalysis; Trait Approaches
    • 4. Evolutionary Theory and Personality; Humanistic and Positive Psychology
    • 5. Personal Construct Theory; Application and Revision
    • 6. New Directions and Evaluation; Personality Theory and Assessment
    • 7. Introduction to Social Psychology Research
    • 8. The Social Self ; Person Perception
    • 9. Attributions; Errors and Biases in Judgement
    • 10. Emotion; Disgust
    • 11 Group Influence
    • 12. Power and Status
  • This is an introduction to theory, research and applications in the scientific study of social and personality psychology. The personality section of the unit provides an in-depth background to the prominent theories of personality and examines recent developments in personality research. The section on social psychology covers foundational scientific research in social psychology, focusing on developments in the three general domains of social thinking, social influence and social relations. The objectives of this subject involve acquiring a basic understanding of the principal theories, key empirical research, and basic issues in the fields of social and personality psychology. Overall, the following specific knowledge and skills are expected to be acquired from this unit:- an understanding of how the scientific approach to personality and social psychology differs from common sense or lay understanding;- an awareness of research methods used in personality and social psychology research; an ability to construct an overall critical evaluation of current scientific knowledge within personality or social psychology;- an understanding of the principal personality theories, research, and the controversies that arise in this field; and- an understanding of the key theories and research in the domains of social cognition, social influence and social relations.

    • Tutorial - Participation in fortnightly tutorial activities (Pass/Fail)
    • Qualitative analysis task (20%)
    • Mid-session online test (30%)
    • Invigilated examination (50%)
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  • MAQ-PSY-DEG-2023 - Bachelor of Psychology

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  • MAQ-PSYX234 (Not currently available)


NCCW (pre-2020 units) PSYX234, PSY234 Pre-requisite (PSYX104 and PSYX105) or (PSYC104 and PSYC105) or (PSYU1104 and PSYU1105) or (PSYX1101 and PSYX1102 and STAX1103) NCCW (2020 and onwards) PSYU2234 Social and Personality Psychology

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